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Mainstreet Ventures Top Knife Award 2017

Mainstreet Ventures Presidents Award 2017

10 Essential Ann Arbor Patios
Palio Del Sol voted 8th best patio in Ann Arbor with one of the largest outdoor patio area! Palio Del Sol now offers the full menu. Continue reading.

Open Table Reviews!
Revel in the simple good taste of country Italian cooking in a convivial setting. Enjoy traditional Italian wines in a comfortable atmosphere. The wonderful aromas of this true Italian cooking are something to be savored. Continue reading.

Top 5 Outdoor Patios in the Ann Arbor area
Palio Del Sol During the summer, Palio boasts Ann Arbor’s largest, and arguably the most popular, rooftop patio – Palio Del Sol. Offering an incredible view of downtown Ann Arbor, Palio Del Sol is a great gathering spot for friends and family. Continue reading·

Restaurant review: Palio Del Sole offers a pleasant rooftop perch
By Julie Halpert, The Ann Arbor News Whenever I see the throngs of people leisurely dining on the rooftop of Palio Del Sole, an Italian restaurant on Main Street, I wonder if the draw is the charming ambiance or the food. I had the chance to find out recently, when I dropped in as part. Continue reading.

Real Seafood Co. Chef wins MSV Top Knife competition. Click here for article.

Frugal Friday at Palio – try the special rooftop menu. Click here for article.

Palio Del Sole + more – Meg goes Nom Nom. Click here for article.